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A customer asked a question about the X-ray grid

A client called Newheek Electronics Technologies Ltd. to ask about the X-ray grid.Customer requirements: size 15*18, focal length 1.8m, mesh ratio 14:1, mainly used for chest radiograph projection of lung.Yes, I would also like to purchase 2 pairs of imported medium-speed enhanced screens.Let me look at the JPI filter grid.

Our X-ray grid imports Korean JPI.The X-ray mesh density is required to be at least 130 lines/inch or 150 lines/inch.This price is quite expensive, so it needs to be customized. If the X-ray grid ratio is 14:1, we need to further determine whether the Korean manufacturer can make a special order, because the current X-ray grid ratio can reach 12:1.Custom processing time of at least 40 days.Let the customer finally confirm whether it’s 130 lines/inch, 12:1, or 150 lines/inch, 12:1.In addition, the medium – speed strengthening screen, our company only in domestic production, not import.Users are advised to contact the sensitized screen manufacturer directly.

The final customer decided to purchase an X-ray grid of 15*18 size with a focal length of 1.8 meters, a grid ratio of 12:1, and a grid density of 150 rows/inch.Sign a purchase contract with the customer. The contract stipulates that the goods will be delivered within 40 days, and the goods will be delivered after payment.


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