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Understand the application of X-ray Grid

In what circumstances can the use of an X-ray Grid improve the image quality of medical devices on X-ray machines?The Purpose of an X-ray grid is to filter scattered light, reduce artifacts, and improve contrast.An X-ray Grid can improve the quality of an image when the object is thicker and denser.If you use a high-frequency machine, you’ll get better results.What are the important specification parameters for an X-ray Grid?What role do the Parameters of an X-ray Grid play in this?

The main indicators of an X-ray grid are grid density, grid ratio and focal length.Grid density: The number of lead strips per unit distance.The higher the gate density, the better the ability to absorb the scattered light.Grid ratio: The ratio of the height of the leads to the distance between the leads.The larger the gate ratio, the better it is at filtering light and absorbing scattered lines.At the same time, it increases the absorption of the original light.The distance from the focal point of the X-ray to the focal point of the X-ray.

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