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Difference Between Movable and Fixed X-ray Grid

Several clients are interested in our X-ray grid and calling for enquiry of movable electricity X-ray grid. And the client use this device for the ordinary X-ray machine photography. Then we send the product catalogue to client for reference.But the client confirm the fixed X-ray grid finally.

Then let’s take a look at the difference between the movable and the fixed of our X-ray grid.Firstly, the grid can be divided into fixed type and mobile type according to the movement mode

The fixed X-ray grid has a high demand for its grid density, because the X-ray grid with low grid density is easy to cause lead shadow and affect the image. Therefore, the fixed X-ray grid generally adopts high grid density. The movable X-ray grid can also be called a filter device, which is composed of X-ray grid, driving device and tray. The driving device makes the X-ray grid move in the direction perpendicular to the arrangement direction of lead before exposure and stops after exposure, which can avoid lead shadow. Therefore, the grid density requirement of movable X-ray grid is not high, so low grid density filter grid can be used .

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