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A customers consult our company’s grids used in radiography

A customer called to consult the 8*10 x ray grid of our company. Everyone knows that the grids used in radiography can make the image clearer and can absorb the scattered scattered rays. The grids used in radiography is mainly used in chest stand, On the X-ray machine, the customer said that they need an 8*10 model x ray grid. What are the characteristics of ourgrids used in radiography?
(1) Variable size
From standard 5×7″ to 14×51″, special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, the grid size is larger and inches than the corresponding film size.
(2) Variable ratio of grid
From 3:1 to 15:1, the gate ratio refers to the ratio of the width to the height of the lead wire grid.
(3) Variable focal length range
From the standard short focal length (26;-32;) focal length (34 ;-44;) or reduced (40 ;-72& 48; 48;-72; 60;-72), to infinity (parallel lines).
(4) High-density grid
From 60 or 70 lines/excellent, high density (85 lines/inch), high density (103 lines/inch), invisible lines (105 lines/inch), in the invisible lines (170 lines or 200 lines/inch) inch)
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