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A personal clinic in Singapore ordered a grid

Customers from Singapore saw the X-ray grids on our website and were very interested in our products, hoping to know the specific information and quotations of the grids.
After communicating with the customer, we learned that the other party is a personal clinic. The X-ray machine used before is equipped with a flat-panel detector for imaging, but the imaging effect is not ideal. Now I want to purchase a grid for use together to filter stray rays and increase image clarity. . If the customer wants to use it on a photography flat bed, the size is 15″*18″, the grid ratio is above 10:1, and the focal length is preferably 1 meter. We recommended to the customer a grid with a grid ratio of 10:1, a grid density of 40LP/cm, and a focal length of 1 meter. After seeing the product information and quotation, the customer said yes, but he needs to communicate with the clinic leader, and if it is suitable, he will buy it from our company. About a month later, the customer contacted us and said that he could accept our quotation, paid a deposit, and asked us to deliver the goods as soon as possible. We indicate that we have stock and can ship soon.
Our grids are characterized by high precision and high quality, and also benefit from advanced technology and excellent manufacturing process.
Easy to install, it can be easily installed in different devices and systems.
Simple maintenance, our grid is very easy to maintain and maintain, just need regular cleaning to maintain its performance and life.
Strong corrosion resistance, our grid is made of high-quality materials, has excellent corrosion resistance, and can adapt to various harsh environments.
High stability, can maintain stable performance under high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and vibration environment, with excellent reliability.
Fast processing efficiency, fast data processing capability, can complete high-intensity work in a short time, and improve work efficiency.
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