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Advantages of X-ray grid types

X-ray grid types are one of the important components of X-ray machines.
1.High purity lead in JPI movable x-ray grid applications provides high performance in anti-scattering.
2.The precise combination of aluminum base and aluminum strip makes high quality images possible.
3.The smooth aluminum cover is covered with lead bars and glazed to protect the filter bars from heat and dust and from years of maintenance.
Advantages of X ray grid types
4.JPI x ray grid types perform well in the following areas:
· variable size
From the standard 5 x 7 “to 14 x 51” sizes, special sizes are also available upon request. The sizes of the X-ray grid types are one inch larger than the corresponding film sizes.
· variable gate ratio
From 3:1 to 15:1, the grating ratio is the ratio of the height of the lead bars to the width of the gaps
· focal length range
From the standard short focal length (26 “-32”) (34 “-44”) to the far focal length (40 “-72”, 48 “-72” 60 “-72”) to infinity (parallel lines)
· high gate density
From 60 or 70 lines/inch to high density (85 lines/inch), ultra high density (103 lines/inch), invisible lines
(105 lines/inch), invisible lines (170 or 200 lines/inch)
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