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Are more expensive X-ray grids better?

Yes, in general, more expensive X-ray grids tend to be better in terms of image quality and performance. Grids are used in radiography to improve image sharpness by reducing scattered radiation that can degrade image clarity.
Higher quality grids are typically made with more precise and durable materials, such as lead or carbon fiber, and have higher grid ratios (the ratio of the height of the lead strips to the distance between them). Ratios determine the level of scatter radiation suppression.
Expensive grids often have higher ratios, which can result in better scatter radiation suppression and improved image contrast. They may also have improved transmission factors, meaning they allow more X-ray photons to pass through while still effectively reducing scatter radiation.
Furthermore, more expensive products may have finer grid strips and narrower interspacing, leading to better spatial resolution, or the ability to distinguish fine details within the image.
However, the specific requirements of the imaging application and the equipment being used should be considered when determining the appropriate grid. Factors such as patient size, X-ray beam energy, and imaging technique may influence the choice of product, and sometimes a higher-priced grid may not be necessary or compatible with the imaging system in use.
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