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C-arm grid

Some customers come to consult the C-arm grid, which is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for the hospital to carry out surgery.

The specific applications of the C-arm are: (1) Orthopedics: osteopathy, reduction, nailing, discography and ablation, etc.; (2) Pain: used in conjunction with ozone, semiconductor lasers and radio frequency machines to intervene in lumbar and cervical pain treat;
(3) General surgery and trauma surgery: removal of foreign bodies in the body, cardiac catheterization, implantation of pacemakers, interventional therapy, etc.;
The filter grid is optional for the C-arm, and the appropriate size needs to be selected according to the screen size of the image intensifier on the C-arm. Generally, the focal length of the C-arm filter grid is 1 meter, and the grid density is 10:1. you can. Generally, the C-arm grid is a circular grid, which is different from the usual rectangular grid.


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