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Causes of Grid Cutting Effect of Grid

There are four situations for the grid cutting effect of the X-ray grid:
The focus grid is used in reverse: the photo shows a higher density in the midline and a gradual decrease in density on both sides.
Inclination: ① The center line is vertical to the grid plate, but deviates from the center line of the grid plate to one side.
②The center line is not perpendicular to the grid plane, and the density on both sides of the photo is inconsistent.
The upper and lower offset grid focal lengths: the density in the midline is higher, and the density on both sides gradually decreases.
Double deviation: photo density is higher on one side and lower on the other.
Precautions for using the grid:
① Prohibition of inversion
② The center line is aligned with the center of the grid, and the left and right deviation does not exceed 3cm;
③ Tilted X-ray tube;
④ Use within the permitted range.
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