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Classification of filter bars in bucky radiology

Bucky radiology has two types of filter gratings: moving filter gratings and fixed x-ray grid. A moving filter grating is one that causes the filter grating to move synchronously with the X-ray exposure in a direction perpendicular to the moire fringe so that the fixed pattern of the filter grating is not imprinted in the image.
The fixed filter grid refers to the method of photographing the detector with the fixed filter grid.
In the photography method using the fixed filter grid, the fixed pattern of moire-stripe is included in the subject information of the detector when the fixed filter grid is used.
Bucky radiology is a filter gate used to filter out the effects of stray rays on film.Used to filter out the effect of stray rays on the film, should be placed between the human body and the film, can be most of the scattering line filter, only a small part of the scattering line leakage.
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