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Convergence x ray grid structure

The x ray grid is an indispensable part of imaging equipment, and the structure of the x ray grid also affects its application range to a great extent. For example, in general, low-grid-ratio grids are suitable for low-kV tube voltmeters. Use, high grid ratio grid is suitable for high kilovolt tube voltage.

The most commonly used x ray grid now is the convergence x ray grid. In the structure of the grid, the lead strips are arranged toward the focus. Such a grid structure will make the convergence line coincide with the focus of the X-ray tube, which is the original emission line and the lead strip. It is in a parallel state, and the direction of the scattered rays is messy, and rarely can be consistent with the direction of the lead strip, so most of it will be absorbed by the lead strip.

The x ray grid we sell most often is also a convergence x ray grid. If you need parallel grids or other products and need to be customized, the waiting period will be longer.

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