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customer called x ray grid

On May 11, a customer  called to inquire about the x ray grid and asked if he could customize the filter grid according to his requirements. There is no problem in reply. Our company can customize the size and other parameters. But the customer didn’t know a lot about the grid. I asked if I could be more specific, so I explained the details about the grid to the customer.

Newheek x-ray grid has three most important basic parameters: size, grid ratio, focal length. Shandong Huarui imaging equipment Co., Ltd. can choose the size, grid ratio is 8:110:112:1, focal length is 0.7-1.8.

So what is the specific function of the x-ray grid grid? The filter grid is mainly used to filter out the image of scattered rays on the film. It should be placed between the human body and the film, which can filter out most of the scattered rays, and only a very small part of the scattered rays is leaked.

The filter grids are classified according to their structure:

The first is the convergent grid, each lead bar inclines to the focus, that is, the lead bar extension line focuses on the focus The second is parallel grid, each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane

The third is the cross grid, which is composed of two layers of parallel grids. The direction of the lead bars is 90 degrees to each other

The third type is circular arc grid, which is composed of equal radius from the center to the outside。

Parameters of fine X ray grid



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