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customers call to consult the x ray grid

Recently, customer to inquire about our x ray grid. He said that he don’t know how to use it after purchase. Today, let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge about x ray grids.
Placement of the x ray grid; when placing the x ray grid, pay attention to the focus surface facing the X-ray generation direction, and place it in the incident direction of the human body and the X-ray. In order to make the original emission line pass through the filter x ray grid the most, During the exposure, the X-ray centerline can be inclined to the direction of the lead bar, and cannot deviate from the center line of the x ray grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction and the lead bar direction can be on the same horizontal line to pass the original emission line to the greatest extent. The directions of the scattered rays are different and messy, so the scattered rays can be well absorbed to improve the image quality. Therefore, the concept of photography is moved here. The x ray grid has the phenomenon of absorbing the original emission line called the cutting effect. In summary, the reason for the cutting effect is the placement of the x ray grid and the tilt angle of the reverse. All may lead to such reasons as the X-ray focus and the convergence line do not coincide.
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