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Do I need to put the grid on the chest X-ray?

Many customers will take chest X-rays during their physical examinations. So when taking a chest radiograph, do I need to put a grid? Everyone knows that the role of the grid is to filter out the scattered rays and improve the clarity of imaging. When using industrial frequency X-ray machines and film imaging, due to technical reasons, there are more scattered scattered rays, so the grid will definitely be used. Most of the current machines are high-frequency X-ray machines. Due to the band and wavelength, there are fewer spurious scattered rays. Coupled with the imaging of flat-panel detectors, many flat-panel detectors have their own software with the function of eliminating grid shadows. Many customers find that the difference between using grid and not using grid is not very big, so many people don’t use grid. Of course, if conditions permit, the imaging clarity of the grid will be higher, especially for hospitals, high-definition images are of great help to the doctor’s diagnosis. If you want to know more about grid issues, you can consult us.

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