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Do you know gird?

Where is the grid used?

Take the Newheek 500ma radiology x ray machine as an example. Inside the bucky on the Radiology table, you can put the cassette and the grid.

What is the role of the grid?
Position of x-ray grid Newheek's 14"*17" x-ray grid
The grid is a filter used to filter out the effects of scattered rays on the film. The effect of filtering out scattered rays on the film should be placed between the human body and the film, filtering most of the scattered lines, and only a small portion of the scattered lines leak.

What is the classification of the grid according to the structure?

1 convergence grid: each lead strip is tilted to the focus, that is, the lead strip extension line is concentrated in the focus

2 parallel grid: each lead strip is parallel to each other in the vertical plane

3 cross grid: composed of two parallel grids, the lead strips are 90° apart

4 arc grid: from the center to the outward expansion of the same radius, tile-like

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