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Eastern European distributor looking for X ray Grid

Recently, our company received an inquiry from a foreign trade customer, who is a large dealer in Eastern Europe. He wants to know about our X-ray Grid,
which plays a crucial role in the photography process.
Due to its biological effect, we have eight subjects, namely biological cells.
Under X-ray radiography can biological cells to cause unnecessary harm to human body and the unnecessary injuries often come from stray X-ray,
X-ray of leisure not only for staff and patients adds radiation dose and radiation damage, but also affects the image.
And it may even photographed piece of important cause misdiagnosis and gathering information on the patients misdiagnosed,
so x ray grid in radiography has played a very important role in the process, because the x ray grid can filter the noise emission lines so as to improve the quality of the image.
Newheek explain in producing X-ray Grid, if you are interested in this product, or if you want to know more detailed parameters, please contact us.


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