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Fixed x-ray grid for high frequency X-ray machine.

Newheek has three sizes of x-ray grids: 9X11, 15X18 and 18X18. It can also be divided into movable grids, fixed grids and x-ray grids specially used for shadow increment. Many customers come to consult our x-ray grids, mainly about the x-ray grids used in high-frequency X-ray machines. At this time, we need to know the specific parameters of the x-ray grids needed by customers, mainly including: grid density, grid ratio and focal length. Quotations will be made according to the specific needs of customers. Generally speaking, the x-ray grid for high frequency X-ray machine is mainly fixed x-ray grid. Movable x-ray grid is mainly used in power-frequency X-ray machine.

Jpi x ray parameters

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