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Fixed x ray grid for NK17SY bucky stand

The fixed x ray grid is used in conjunction with the camera holder to improve the quality of the picture, and the filter grid acts to eliminate the scattered lines.

Parameters of fine X ray grid
The camera mount is a new multi-functional camera. Combined with the ray unit and the grid, it can perform radiography of various parts of the human body such as the head, chest, abdomen, joints and limbs.
Technical Parameters:
(1) The lifting stroke of the cassette: the center of the cassette moves up and down 1200mm
(2) Grid specifications: Grid ratio of filter grid: 10:1 Density: 103 lines / inch, focal length: 180cm
(3) Film size: 203mm × 254mm (8 × 10) to 356mm x 432mm (14″ × 17″)


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