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Grid Physical Parameters Select Parameters

Recently, a customer inquired about the selection of parameters for the physical parameters of the grid. The parameters of other grids are mainly composed of four parts: size, grid ratio, grid density and focal length. If the customer wants to buy a wire grid, they need to confirm these four parameters before they can be determined. The following explains the parameters of the four-part filter machine.
(1) Variable size
From standard 5 x 7″ to 14 x 51″, special size can also be customized according to customer requirements, the size of the X-ray grid is one inch larger than the corresponding film size
(2) Variable grid ratio
From 3:1 to 15:1, the grid ratio refers to the ratio of the height of the lead grid to the width of the gap?
(3) Focal length range
From standard short focal lengths (26″-32″) medium focal lengths (34″-44″) long focal lengths (40″-72″, 48″-72″ 60″-72″) to infinity (parallel lines)
(4) High grid density
From 60 or 70 lines/inch, to high density (85 lines/inch), ultra-high density (103 lines/inch), invisible lines (105 lines/inch), ultra-invisible lines (170 or 200 lines/inch)
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