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High density X-ray grid requires special customization

Today, a medical company in Shenzhen consults the X-ray grid. The parameters they want are as follows: size 15*18, grid density is 52L/cm, grid ratio is 10:1, focal length 1.1 meters X-ray grid, they are mainly Used in mobile DR equipment, it is reported that this parameter is a high-density X-ray filter grid. It needs to be customized for about 40 days. The quoted price * includes tax shipping. The customer said that the delivery period is a bit long, and the X-ray filter is told The grids are all imported, and the specifications that are not commonly used require special customization.

Dear users, do you need to be equipped with a grid on your DR device? If necessary, you only need to tell us the DR brand, specification and model, and we can give reasonable suggestions. The grid that our company purchases for you is absolutely suitable for your DR equipment. If there is any need, please feel free to contact us


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