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How to install the x-ray grid correctly?

With the development of science and technology, more and more customers are pursuing image quality, so many customers ask about our x-ray grids and buy our x-ray grids.

However, due to improper installation, many customers have blurred images, which are bright and dark at the same time. So today we will talk about the installation method of the x-ray grids.

When installing the fixed x-ray grid, attention should be paid to installing it between the measured object and the imaging device.

When installing, be sure to pay attention to facing up, that is, with a cross, vertical line or with a label facing up. The cross used by the X-ray Collimator to mark must be aligned with the cross on the x-ray grid.

If placed incorrectly, the image will be blurred or curved.

The application of breast X ray grid

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