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How to use the grid?

In the previous section, we have a detailed understanding of the specification principle of the grid, as well as its ability to absorb the scattered line and the factors that can affect its ability to absorb the scattered line, so we understand the grid. How do we use it correctly after the specification principle and other technologies?

Advantages of X ray grid types
When the grid is used, it should be standardized or it will not be able to filter out the scattered lines, which will not be used. The grid is divided into two sides, the front side is the focal plane, the focal plane and the focal plane are literally facing the side of the X-ray tube focus, that is, the side of the convergence line. When placing the grid, be sure to pay attention to the incident direction of the focal plane toward the X-ray. The opposite side of the focal plane is called the back focal plane. Pay attention to the irradiation direction of the X-ray during exposure. The center line of the X-ray can be inclined at a certain angle according to the inclination direction of the lead strip so that the radiation direction of the X-ray is consistent with the direction of the lead strip without deviating from the center line of the grid. This ensures that the maximum amount of the original emission line passes through the grid to ensure the quality of the image.


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