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How to use x-ray grid correctly?

Because different parts of the human body have different paths of radiation passing through tissues, the intensity of radiation (kilovolts and milliampere seconds) used in the examination is different. When exposed to light, the radiation passes through the examinee before reaching the film. When using the x ray grid, the x ray grid are between the examinee and the negative, because the x-ray grid enter correctly. The radiation from the negative film is also blocked, so the radiation conditions used are higher, and the irradiation will be stronger. This is to get X-rays that meet the diagnostic requirements, but also within the medical allowable range of doses. For children, they are less tolerant, so they should try to reduce the dosage as much as possible. Normally, x-ray grid are not used; for older children and adults, x ray grid are basically used to ensure the quality of X-ray films needed for diagnosis.
How to use x-ray grid correctly


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