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Introduction to focused grids

The focused grids panel has a panel of 4~8mm thick.The inner structure of the movable X-ray grid is movable with lots of thin lead bars intersecting.The two lead strips are positioned and cemented together with a substance that penetrates x-rays.Up and down with thin aluminum packaging, forming a screen grid version.
From the perspective of section, the arrangement direction of the filter plate leads converge to a point.From the whole grid board, there is a convergence line.
Introduction to focused grids
1. Convergent grid: each lead bar inclines to the focus, that is, the extension cord of the lead bar focuses on the focus.
2. Parallel bars: each lead bar is parallel to each other in the vertical plane.
3. The cross bar: made up by two layers of parallel grating, lead each other into 90 ° direction.
4, arc grid: from the center to the outside extension of the same radius overlapping, tile shape.
Focused grids can improve the quality of X-ray radiography for medical devices. The purpose of focused grids is to filter scattered lines, reduce gray haze and improve contrast. When the thickness and density of the object are relatively large, the quality of the photograph can be improved by using the filter grid.
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