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Korea X-ray grid ratio

Recently, many customers have inquired about the grid ratio of X-ray grids in South Korea. The X-ray grid is composed of many thin lead strips and low-density materials that can easily penetrate X-rays as fillers, which are arranged alternately. In X-ray photography, the center line of the X-ray is aligned with the center of the grid plate, and the original ray projection direction is in the same direction as the lead strip arrangement gap of the X-ray grid. It can pass through the lead strip gap to reach the film/DR detection The device produces images. Because the scattered rays generated by the illuminated object are multi-center and multi-directional, most of the scattered rays are absorbed by the lead strips, and only a small part of them passes. Indicators of grid:
Grid ratio (R): The ratio of the height of the lead bar of the X-ray grid to the amplitude of the filler is the grid ratio
Grid density (N): N represents the number of line pairs formed by the lead bar and its spacing within a unit distance (1cm) on the surface of the grid. It is usually expressed as line/cm.
In addition, when buying an X-ray grid, you must pay attention to the size and focal length of the X-ray grid.
It can be seen that the grid ratio is an important indicator of the X-ray grid. Our company mainly acts as the agent of JPIX ray grid from South Korea. X-ray grids of various sizes, models and grid ratios can be customized. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


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