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Newheek’s stationary x-ray grids.

X-ray grid is the best choice for eliminating scattering lines. After using x-ray grid, the image can become clearer and sharper.

Stationary x-ray grid is used to filter the scattering lines of the imaging receiving device. It should be placed between the main body and the imaging receiving device. Most of the scattering lines can be filtered out, only a small part of the scattering lines can be missed.

According to the Compton effect, X-ray of the body can produce a sense of fog, which can cause the image to be unclear.

The most effective way to improve the image quality and reduce the influence of scattering rays on the image is to use the x-ray grid. The stationary x-ray grid should be placed between the main body of the camera and the imaging receiving device when it is used.

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