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Overview and precautions of grid

The main function of the grid is to make the image clear by filtering the scattered X-rays.
The main parameters of the grid include: size, grid ratio, grid density, focal length, etc.
There are many types of grids. According to its structure, material and method, it can be divided into the following categories.
According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: convergent grid, parallel grid and cross grid. According to its material classification, it can be divided into metal grid and non-metal grid, and according to the method, it can be divided into fixed grid and mobile grid.
In the process of using the grid, the following items should be paid attention to:
1. Avoid inversion of the grid when using the grid;
2. The center line should be aligned with the center line of the grid, and the left and right deviation should not exceed 3cm;
3. When using grid photography, when the X-ray tube needs to be tilted, the tilt direction must be consistent with the direction of the lead strip, otherwise the X-ray and the lead strip will be absorbed at an angle;
4. When there are many scattered rays in photography, a grid with a larger grid can be considered.

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