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Philippine customers consult our X-ray grid

I recently received a customer inquiry about our X-ray grid. The customer was a local pet clinic in the Philippines. During the exchange, I learned that the customer mainly wanted to take a chest radiograph for dogs and the legs of horses. The customer already has a 300 mA X-ray machine and wants to equip an X-ray grid from us to improve the quality of filming. Therefore, we sent the product information of our X-ray grid to the customer. It is recommended that the customer use our X-ray grid with a grid ratio of 10:1, a focal length of 1.8 meters, and a size of 15×18. It is generally believed that the exposure coefficient of an X-ray grid is one of the standards for measuring an X-ray grid, and the exposure factor B is required to obtain the same density value when the X-ray grid is not used and when the X-ray grid is used. The ratio of exposure.

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