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Principles of use of the grid

X-ray grid: Used to filter out the scattered rays produced by the human body during photography. The appearance is a thin plate with a thickness of 3~5mm. Generally, a lead strip with a thickness of 0.05-0.1mm is used, and it is clamped between aluminum or paper with a thickness of 0.15-0.35mm. The filler can be wood, paper, aluminum sheet, etc. The height of the lead bar is the thickness of the grid plate. Classified according to the structural characteristics of the grid: focus type, parallel type, cross type. Precautions for the use of the grid: Inversion is prohibited, and the focus grid is used upside down. The photo shows that the density of the midline is higher and the density of the two sides gradually decreases; the center line is aligned with the center of the grid, and the left and right deviation does not exceed 3cm. Deviating from the focal length of the grid: the density in the center line is higher, and the density on both sides gradually decreases. Double deviation: the photo density is high on one side and low on the other; the X-ray tube is inclined, tends to be inclined, and the center line is perpendicular to the grid, but deviates from the grid center line to one side. The center line is not perpendicular to the grid plane, and the density on both sides of the photo is inconsistent. Parallel to the direction in which the lead strips are arranged; use within the permitted range.
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