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Shenzhen customers consult our company’s x ray grid

A customer from Shenzhen called to consult the 8*10 x ray grid of our company. Everyone knows that the x ray grid can make the image clearer and can absorb the scattered scattered rays. The x ray grid is mainly used in chest stand, On the X-ray machine, the customer said that they need an 8*10 model x ray grid. What are the characteristics of our x ray grid?

(1) Variable size

From standard 5×7″ to 14×51″, special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, the grid size is larger and inches than the corresponding film size.

(2) Variable ratio of grid

From 3:1 to 15:1, the gate ratio refers to the ratio of the width to the height of the lead wire grid.

(3) Variable focal length range

From the standard short focal length (26;-32;) focal length (34 ;-44;) or reduced (40 ;-72& 48; 48;-72; 60;-72), to infinity (parallel lines).

(4) High-density grid

From 60 or 70 lines/excellent, high density (85 lines/inch), high density (103 lines/inch), invisible lines (105 lines/inch), in the invisible lines (170 lines or 200 lines/inch) inch)

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Parameters of fine X ray grid


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