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Someone’s clinic orders 1 grid cutoff x ray

An individual user consulted our grid cutoff x ray. Ask if our grid cutoff x ray belongs to the king of Korea JPI? Reply to the customer Yes, we are the agent of the grid cutoff x ray of the Korean king JPI, and sent the outer packaging of the grid cutoff x ray to the customer.
Simply ask the customer what parameters of grid cutoff x ray do? The customer replied that the size is 18×18 inches, the density is 103L/cm, the focal length is 180cm, and the grid ratio is 10:1. According to the parameters given by the customer, we know that this is our conventional grid, and we all have stock.
After confirming the parameters, brand and inventory, make a contract to the customer, and the customer pays.
If you also need a grid cutoff x ray, you can contact us whether it is a regular or customized one!

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