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The customer needs to purchase 200 x ray grids

A few days ago, a customer asked about our x ray grid and said that it needed 200 yuan of 15*18. I asked the customer what density and x ray grid ratio are needed, and what is the focal length? The customer said that this is not clear, and needs to check with the end customer. In fact, there are several indicators for purchasing a wire x ray grid. One is the size, that is, how big it is. The size of the wire x ray grid ranges from 6×8 to 18×18, and special sizes need to be customized. The second is the x ray grid ratio, there are mainly 8:1, 10:1 and 12:1. The third is x ray grid density. The most commonly used density is 40L/cm. In addition, there are 52L/cm and 60L/cm. These are high-density x ray grids and need to be customized. The last one is the focal length. The focal length of the x ray grid needs to be selected according to the specific purpose. For example, the focal length of 1.8m is generally used for chest radiographs, while the focal length of 1.0m or 1.5m is most commonly used when shooting the lumbar spine.

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