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The focal length is a very important indicator of the grid

A few days ago, a Malaysian customer purchased our grids through a freight forwarding company in Guangdong. What the customer wants is 15*18 and 11*13 convergence grids with a focal length of 1 meter. We talked about focal length for a long time before making a purchase. At the beginning, the customer did not give the data of the focal length, so I asked the customer whether they want a parallel grid? The client said that the hospital didn’t say what it wanted, but the doctor didn’t quite understand it either. After repeated confirmation between the client and the hospital, it was determined that the convergence grid was required, and the focal length was 1 meter, which was finally determined.
Speaking of wire grids, we have to talk about the issue of convergent grids or parallel grids. The parallel grid has no focal length. It is generally used on old-fashioned X-ray machines. It is rarely used now and needs to be customized. Generally, the waiting time is relatively long.
Convergence grid is the mainstream filter grid used now. When customers buy, we need to ask the focal length in addition to the size, grid density and grid ratio of the customer. Because the function of the wire grid is to filter out the stray scattered rays and make the image clearer. If the selected focal length is not suitable, the effect will not be achieved, so the focal length of the wire grid is a very important indicator. Be sure to be clear when purchasing.
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