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The grid is divided into focal plane and back focal plane

Do you know what a grid is? What equipment is the grid applied to? Is there any classification? Today, I will introduce you to the grid. The focal plane is the side facing the focal point of the tube, also known as the “incident plane”. Mark or indicate a label on the focal plane and mark it with the centerline of the grid.
When in use, the incident surface of the grid must face the direction of the tube. The convergent grid should be aligned with the focus of the tube so that the angle of light emitted by the tube is parallel to the lead bar to pass smoothly. The direction of stray light is random, most of them are absorbed by the lead strip, and the obtained image has better clarity. Therefore, the grid should be placed as accurately as possible in the required position to avoid center shift.
Since the grids of the same size have different grid ratios and grid densities, when communicating with customers, at least determine the size and then determine the grid ratio, grid density and focal length of the four aspects, it is best to let the label And parameters. Speaking of this, everyone should be very aware of the application and use of the grid.



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