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The most important question for grid customers

Some hospitals and third-party customers purchase without knowing the grid, and there may be problems such as the image quality is not as good as expected, so the editor has compiled a summary of common problems, I hope you will avoid them in the future these questions.
1. Principle of wire grid:
The wire grid is the best choice to eliminate scattered light, and the image will become clearer.
2. When should I use a grid?
When the thickness of the subject is greater than 10cm, a grid should be used.
3. How the grid is made:
Ordinary grid: cut aluminum and lead bars into small pieces, stack them together, and seal them with aluminum or carbon base; cut the graphite plate, then fill with lead, and finally package it as a whole
4. Common specifications and definitions of wire grids:
Grid density: how many pairs of wires per centimeter (cm)/inch
Grid ratio: The ratio of the thickness of the filter to the gap width of the lead strip
Size: general size 15’*18’inch, 18’*18’inch and other customized sizes
Focal length: the distance between the tube and the grid
I believe that you have learned so many questions about the product, and you must have a certain understanding of the X-ray grid. I hope you can choose the most suitable grid for your equipment when you buy it. If you want to know more about Please contact us for information about this product.



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