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The principle of using the grid

Generally, we should pay attention to the following points when using the grid:
(1) When using an aggregated grid, the grid cannot be reversed;
(2) The center line of the x-line should be aligned with the center line of the grid, and the left and right deviation should not exceed 3CM;
(3) When tilting the x-ray tube, the tilting direction can only be parallel to the arrangement direction of the lead bars;
(4) When focusing the grid, the distance from the focus to the grid should be within the allowable range of f1-f2;
(5) When using the speed-adjusting motion grid, it is necessary to adjust the motion speed suitable for the exposure time. Generally, the motion time should be longer than one-fifth of the exposure time.
(6) If the body thickness exceeds 15cm, and the KV exceeds 60KV, the grid should be used
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