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The role of grids in radiography

The grid is composed of many thin lead strips and low-density materials that are easy to pass through X-rays as fillings, which are alternately arranged. In the X-ray photography, the center line of the X-ray is aligned with the center of the grid, and the original ray projection direction is in the same direction as the gap between the lead bars of the grid. Because the scattered rays produced by the object are multi-center and multi-directional, most of the scattered rays are absorbed by the lead strips, and only a small part passes through. Indicators of the grid: (1) Grid ratio (R): The ratio of the height of the lead bars of the grid to the width of the filler is the grid ratio. (2) Grid density (n): n represents the number of line pairs formed by lead bars and their spacing within a unit distance (1cm) on the surface of the grid, usually expressed as lines/cm.

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