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The role of x-ray grid in radiography examination

All radiologists know how important wire grids are. This is very important for X-ray examinations. It is used in chest X-ray frames, filming beds, etc., which can make X-ray examinations clearer. Let’s see what are the advantages of a wire grid? There are four advantages.
The wire grid is used to filter out the effect of scattered rays on the film. It should be placed between the human body and the film, so that most of the scattered rays can be filtered out, and only a small part of the scattered rays are leaked. The filter grid can improve the film quality of X-ray medical equipment. The function of the filter grid is to filter the scattered rays, reduce the haze and improve the contrast. When the thickness and density of the object to be shot are relatively large, the use of a wire grid can improve the quality of the film
1) Variable size
From standard 5 x 7 inches to 14 x 51 inches, special sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements. The size of the grid is one inch larger than the corresponding film size.
(2) Variable grid ratio
From 3:1 to 15:1, the grid ratio is the ratio of the height of the leader grid to the width of the gap.
(3) Focus range
From standard short focal lengths (26″-32″), focal lengths (34″-44″) and long focal lengths (40″-72″, 48″-72″ 60″-72″) to infinity (parallel lines).
(4) High mesh density
From 60 or 70 Threads/Excellent, to High Density (85 Threads/inch), Ultra High Density (103 Threads/inch), Invisible Threads (105 Threads/inch), Ultra Invisible Threads (170 or 200 Threads/inch) .
These are the four advantages of grids. I believe they are approved by major distributors and hospitals. Let’s see a detailed diagram of the grid.
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