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The use and brief introduction of X-ray grid

The structural specifications of the grid determine the strength of the grid barrier scattering line. The main specifications are focal length, gate ratio and grid density.

The focal length is understood to be the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead strip to the midpoint of the grid. The focal length can also be understood as the radius. The gate ratio is the ratio as the name implies. The ratio of the lead strip height of the grid and the adjacent lead strip gap is generally expressed by R. The formula is R=H/A, H is the height of the lead strip, and A is the phase. The distance between adjacent lead strips.

When the grid is used, it should be standardized or it will not be able to filter out the scattered lines, which will not be used. The grid is divided into two sides, the front side is the focal plane, the focal plane and the focal plane are literally facing the side of the X-ray tube focus, that is, the side of the convergence line. When placing the grid, be sure to pay attention to the incident direction of the focal plane toward the X-ray. The opposite side of the focal plane is called the back focal plane.


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