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Today we received an order from Canada for X – ray grids

Iran said on Sunday it was trying to analyze the black boxes of a Ukrainian airliner it shot down this month and had no plans to send them abroad, denying earlier reports that it had decided to send voice and flight data recorders to Ukraine, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Canada said on Sunday that it still had no firm plans to be allowed to download flight data records.All 176 people aboard the plane were killed, including 57 Canadian citizens.Canada and other countries have called for the flight recorders to be sent abroad for investigation.

Canada’s foreign minister, Bernard Faust, said he wrote to his Iranian counterpart, mohammad javad zarif, on Sunday urging him to send the flight recorders to Ukraine or France as soon as possible.

Two investigators left Tehran on Sunday, the Canadian transportation safety board said.They examined the wreckage for six days.

In a statement, the company said Iranian investigators were “cooperative and helpful” but said there were still no firm plans on how and when to download the black boxes.

Ukraine had previously said it wanted to be able to hand over the black boxes to Ukraine, while Canadian prime minister Justin trudeau said France was one of the few countries with the ability to access them.France’s air accidents authority said on Saturday it was awaiting a formal request for assistance.

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