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Use of movable grids.

Movable x-ray grid can be mainly used in analog X-ray machine as vibration. Newheek’s movable x-ray grids have two sizes: 14 “x17” and 17 “x17”.

The x-ray grid is mainly used to filter the effect of scattered rays on film. It should be placed between human body and film. Most scattered rays can be filtered, only a small part of scattered rays can be leaked.

The appearance of the x-ray grid is a 4-8mm thick plate. The internal structure is composed of many thin lead bars arranged intersectionally. The two lead strips were filled and positioned with X-ray material and bonded together. Fillers can be wood, paper or aluminum sheets. Finally, the upper and lower parts are packaged with thin aluminium sheets to form a x-ray grid. From the cross-section, the direction of the filter plate lead will converge to a point.


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