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What are the effects of using X-ray grids?

X-ray grids are devices used to select and filter specific energy ranges in X-ray beams. It usually consists of a metal sheet with a specific thickness and material that can be used to control the energy spectrum of the X-ray beam. It can have the following effects:
Energy adjustment: The grid can adjust the energy distribution of the X-ray beam by selectively absorbing or reducing X-rays in a specific energy range. This has important implications for different medical applications and diagnostics. For example, for certain tissues or diseases, X-rays with specific energy ranges need to be selected.
Reduce scattered radiation: Grids can also reduce the generation of scattered radiation. Scattered radiation is radiation produced by body tissue that can interfere with and degrade image quality. The grid can reduce the impact of scattered radiation by selecting X-rays in a specific energy range, thereby improving image quality.
Dose Control: The use of grids can help control the radiation dose a patient receives. By selecting X-rays in a specific energy range, the radiation dose to the patient can be minimized. This is important to protect the health of patients and medical staff.
Image contrast adjustment: Grids can also improve image contrast by selectively adjusting the energy distribution of X-rays. Contrast refers to the grayscale difference between different tissues or structures in an image, and is often used to better visualize and distinguish different tissues and lesions.
In summary, the use of X-ray grids can adjust and control the energy and impact of X-ray beams, thereby improving image quality, reducing radiation dose, and enhancing image contrast. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
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