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What are the functions and technical parameters of the grid?

When moving DR to take pictures, scattered rays will be generated during X-ray irradiation, which will affect the quality of the picture. Today, let the editor lead everyone to understand together. The common parts in the shooting work – the grid, first let us understand What are the functions and technical parameters of the grid.
The function of the grid: it can help to filter the scattered rays, reduce the fog, improve the contrast, so as to improve the image quality.
The working principle of the grid: The scattered rays are filtered through multiple grid bars with a fixed radius, and this part of the scattered rays is filtered out, and only the straight rays are kept as far as possible, thereby improving the imaging clarity.
The main technical parameters of the grid:
(1) Focal length (f): The extension lines of each lead strip will converge to one point. The vertical distance from this point to the grid is the focal length (radius) of the grid. A straight line is drawn in the center to indicate the direction of the lead strip, which is the focal plane.
(2) (grid density N): The number of lead bars contained in the grid plate per centimeter defines its grid density. Generally used grid density is 40~65 lines/cm.
(3) Grid ratio (R): refers to the ratio of the height of the grid plate lead strip to the gap between the grid bars. The higher the ratio, the stronger its ability to filter out scattered rays. Generally used grids have a grid ratio between 8:1 and 14:1. the
Classified according to the structural characteristics of the grid: focus type, parallel type, cross type.
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