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What are the product knowledge of the grid?

I will tell you about the filter grid today. Grids are also known as filter panels and grids.
The grid is formed by flattening a plurality of extremely thin lead strips and internal spacers.
The grid should be placed between the human body and the film to filter out the effects of scattered rays on the film.
At present, the grid is used for camera frames, video cameras, and image intensifiers. It is square on the camera holder and the camera, and is rounded at the input of the image intensifier.
First look at the concept of the grid, there are three:

(1) The application of high-purity lead in the grid provides high efficiency in anti-scattering.

(2) The precise combination of aluminum and aluminum strips enables high quality images.

(3) The smooth aluminum cover encloses the lead grid and is enameled, so that the grid is protected from heat and dust, and it is spared for maintenance for many years.


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