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What does the filter plate do to x-rays?

When the ray tube generates X-rays, the energy of the rays will have a certain band, which cannot be single. In this way, some rays that are useless for detection will be generated. In order to reduce the generation of such rays, a filter is added. Light board. There are usually two types of filter devices placed between the X-ray and the irradiated object, the X-ray filter and the grid. The functions of the two are completely different. X-ray filters are generally constructed of one or more different metal flakes in order to filter the passing X-rays so that they change the spectral composition, harden the rays or make the characteristic X-rays a higher proportion of them. There are many types of grid structures, you can think of them as grids. The purpose is to filter out the scattered rays of the passing X-rays, so that the imaging quality is higher.

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