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What is the structure classification of the grid?

The basic structure of the grid:
The appearance of the grid plate is a flat plate with a thickness of 4~8mm. The internal structure is formed by the intersection of many thin lead strips. The two lead strips are filled with an X-ray permeable material and bonded together. The filler may be wood, paper or aluminum sheets or the like. Finally, the upper and lower sides are packaged with a thin aluminum plate to form a grid pattern. From the cross-section, the direction of the lead strips of the filter plates will gather a little. From the entire grid, there is a convergence line.

X ray grid
Grid installation structure classification:

1) Convergence grid: each lead strip is inclined to the focus, that is, the lead strip extension line is concentrated on the focus;

2) Parallel grids: each lead strip is parallel to each other in a vertical plane;

3) Crossing grid: composed of two parallel grids, the lead strips are 90° apart;

4) Arc grid: the outer radius is extended by the same radius, and is tile-like;


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