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What is the working principle of the x ray grid?

At present, the grid is an indispensable part of the film bed and X-ray machine and the chest frame. We often say the filter grid, then how many people know the principle of the xray grid? Let’s take a look at the working principle of the xray grid.

When photographing, a filter grid is placed between the film and the body. Since the scattered line is at an angle to the lead strip, it cannot pass through the lead strip gap, so that the scattered line is mostly absorbed by the lead strip, thereby greatly reducing the scattered line received on the film. Improves the contrast of the image, improves the image quality of the x-ray film, and reduces damage to the human body.

The filter grating is used for the side mounted film frame. The filter grating can enter and exit from both sides of the side mounted film frame.

The side mounted bucky stand is a frame pulled out and put into the film box from both sides. The filter grating is put into the film box. The wired flat panel detector can be put into the side-mounted frame. The size of the wired flat panel can be 14 “X17” or 17 “X17”. The maximum inside of the side-mounted frame can be 2.4cm flat panel detector. The side mounted film frame can also be divided into two types: manual and electric.

The lifting mode of the cartridge of the manual camera holder is to move manually and fix the cartridge by rotating the screw. The electric camera rack is based on the manual camera rack with an electric device, which can directly use the remote control or the electric button to adjust the position of the film box. The electric side mounted film frame and the manual side mounted film frame are placed into the filter grating from both sides.

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