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What parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing a grid

The appearance of the grid is generally a flat plate with a thickness of 4~8MM. Inside there are many thin lead strips aligned towards the focus. The space between the two lead strips is filled with a substance that can easily pass through X-rays, and then glued together. The filler can be aluminum sheet, paper or wood etc. Finally, it is packaged with a thin aluminum plate to form a grid. From the point of view of the section, the arrangement direction of the lead strips of the filter plate will gather at one point. Viewed from the entire grid, there is a convergent line. The role of the grid is to filter out the messy scattered rays through the function of the lead strips, and retain the direct rays to improve the quality of the filming. It is generally recommended that the radiology chest stand or filming bed be equipped with a grid, and the filming effect will be improved. . We have a general understanding of the structure and function of the grid, so what parameters should we pay attention to when purchasing the grid?
Size: 6X8(15X20cm) 9X11 (23X28cm) 11X13 (28X33cm) 12X15 (30X38cm) 13X16 (33X40cm) 15X15 (38X38cm) 15X18 (38X46cm) 18X18 (46X46cm)
The second is the focal length: the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead strips to the grid surface, the focal length is 0.7-1.8m optional, the common focal length is 100cm, 180cm, the short focus can replace the long focus, it should be noted that the use range of the focal length “f” greater than the marked focal length.
Grid ratio R: It is the ratio of the height of the lead bar to the gap of the lead bar, expressed in R, the common ones are: 6:1 8:1 10:1 12:1
Grid density, conventional grid density is optional 40L/cm (103L/In), 52L/cm (130L/In) and 60L/cm (150L/In)
Of course, the purchased grid should also be used strictly according to the precautions for use. The grid is divided into a focal plane and a back focal plane. The X-ray tube will be marked on the focal plane, and the centerline of the grid will be marked. When in use, the focal plane must face the direction of the X-ray tube. In the upper right corner of the panel, technical parameters such as the focal length, grid ratio and grid density of the grid must be marked to indicate its internal performance.
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