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Where should the grid be installed?

Everyone knows that the main function of the grid is to filter out scattered rays and improve image quality. So where should the grid be installed? How should we use the grid to properly play the role of the grid to filter out stray rays and improve image quality? Let’s take a look at it together. The wire grid should be used in a standardized manner, otherwise it will not be able to filter out scattered rays, and the purpose of use will not be achieved.
The grid is mainly used for filming frame, filming bed, gastrointestinal bed and image intensifier, etc. The application of high-purity lead in Sinovel grids provides high performance in anti-scattering. The accurate combination of aluminum base and aluminum strips makes high-quality images possible. In online photography, the grid should be placed between the flat panel detector or IP plate or the overlapping film and the body, the distance from the focal point to the grid is equal to the focal length of the grid, and the center line of the X-ray is aligned with the grid center line.
In addition, the grid is divided into two sides, the front is the focus plane, and the focus plane faces the focal plane. Literally, it means the side facing the focus of the X-ray tube, that is, the side with the convergent lines. When placing the grid, it must be noted that the focal plane is facing the incident direction of X-rays. The opposite side of the focal plane is called the back focal plane. Pay attention to the irradiation direction of X-rays during exposure. On the basis of not deviating from the centerline of the grid, the centerline of X-rays can be inclined at a certain angle according to the inclination direction of the lead strips so that the radiation direction of X-rays is consistent with the direction of the lead strips. In this way, the maximum number of original emission lines can be guaranteed to pass through the grid to ensure the quality of the image.
When placing the grid, pay attention to placing the focusing surface towards the X-ray emission direction, and place it in the incident direction of the human body and X-rays, and cannot deviate from the center line of the grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction and the direction of the lead strip can be in the same direction. The original emission line can pass through to the greatest extent on the same horizontal line, and because the scattering line direction is different and messy, it can absorb the scattered line well and improve the image quality.
In short, the grid is an essential part of filtering scattered rays and improving image clarity. If you are also interested in the grid, please feel free to consult us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email: .


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