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X-ray filter grid 12:1 180cm 52L (for chest radiograph)

In the field of real medicine, a chest X-ray frame is used, also known as a vertical frame.
Whether you use dr, cr or cassette, you need to put it on the vertical photography frame for trial. In order to ensure the image quality, it is generally necessary to add a grid.
So how to choose thegrid?
The filter grid has a grid ratio, focal length, and grid density important nominal.
The focal length is the distance between the tube and the bottom plate of the filter grid, and the focal length of the chest shot is usually 180cm.
The grid density refers to the number of wire pairs per centimeter (or per inch), usually 40, 50, 60 and other specifications.
Grid density refers to the ratio of grid thickness to grid spacing.
For high-dose X-rays, choose a grid with a high grid ratio, for those above 90KV, choose 10:1 or more, and for below 90KV, choose 8:1 or less.
If the measurement of chest X-ray is usually greater than 90KV, you can choose 10:1 or 12:1.
The higher the number of milliamps used, the higher the gate density chosen.

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